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We are continually testing and reviewing our product internally. But we also provide our gear to various safety and media organisations for them to provide independant insights and reviews.
XKULCHA DAKAR 500D Adventure Riding Pants
By Dave Cilliers - October 24, 2018

I have owned a pair of XKULCHA Dakar pants for a couple of years now and done many miles in them. To be frank, they are my Adventure pants of choice,even above the Adventure pants which form part of my suit.
XKULCHA KLASSIC DENIMS – No excuse not to wear all the kit, all the time!
By Dave Cilliers - Jul 12, 2018

XKulcha produce motorcycle protective apparel that is on a par, and in many cases better, than similar imported stuff. Over the years I have bought Xkulcha pants that have given me excellent service, to the extent that I still wear them regularly.
The Bike Show
XKulcha Dakar adventure pants
By Harry Fisher - 2017-11-01

These are the XKulcha Dakar pants. First things first; they are a light-weight, heavy duty, all-purpose adventure trouser but more importantly, they are 100% air flow meaning that as long as you’re moving forward (or backwards, I suppose…) there will be a draft around your legs. If they get wet, they dry incredibly quickly, preventing discomfort.
Extreme test for XKulcha gear
By Staff writer - 2012-10-09

Local motorcyclist protective gear maker XKulcha recently put four of its top products to the ultimate test – with interesting results.
Bike Talk editor Hein Jonker was “roped” into the experiment in Umhlanga Ridge, near Durban, to test the gear maker’s durability claims.
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